Useful tips for a relationship on a distance

There are a great number of tips for keeping the relationship on a distance. Some of them are naive, and some are plainly stupid. For example, many girls discovered that the popular advice to appoint one day a week for a romantic evening (for students or working in another city) does not work. Find the tips that really work by reading this article.

How to keep your relationship on a distance

The romance does not occur on request, thereby all advice about the romantic meeting, when having a relationship on a distance, don’t work. As a result, the image of romance is destroyed, the mood is spoiled and both partners blame each other. There is a rule here: in preparing for the meeting after a little separation, you should give up all expectations except one – to see your partner. This is typical mistakes that girls do in their expectations for a date after separation. Never do this on your date but watch

    Find out what bothers him or her more – you or problems at work, if there are problems, then be sure to reproach him of being callous and transfer the conversation to yourself;

    Wait for gifts! If there are no gifts, then go away for the whole evening

    Achieve unfulfilled promises, make you choose between yourself and work, parents, friends

    Give souvenirs and clothes and strictly check whether the partner uses your gifts.

The list can be continued, the main thing is to catch the general trend and try never to behave in this way. 

Olivia Author