How to Handle Approaching a Woman Who Is Not Alone

An opportunity to get to know a woman does not always play out exactly the way that we would want it to. For example, you might hope that when you finally see the woman of your dreams, that she will be alone and you can just slide in without any worries and start to get to know her. The problem with that is… most of the time when a woman is out having a good time, she is rarely by herself. So, if you are only going to approach a woman who is all alone… chances are you will not have many opportunities at all.

Still, it can be kind of intimidating to approach a woman who is with other people. You might start to wonder what THEY are going to think about you even more than you wonder what SHE will think about you. Next thing you know… your mind is racing and you let the opportunity pass you by. Do that enough and you can pretty much count on being single and alone for quite some time.

So, what should you do when you want to approach a woman who is not alone?

First things first, you really want to train yourself not to worry about what the others are going to say or think about you. I know it can be hard to train your mind to think that way, but it is important. After all, your eyes are really just set on the woman you want to get to know better, right? Still, you do want to also keep in mind that making a good impression on whomever she is with can help you to make a good impression on her.
An easy and effective way to achieve this is to make sure that you do not forget to pay attention and include whomever she is with in your interaction. If all of your attention is just focused on the woman you want to get with, then it’s going to be pretty obvious to her friend(s). And if you isolate her friend(s), then they probably are not going to have a great impression of you.

You also need to play a little of what I like to call the «attention game.»

Try to pay a little more attention to whomever she is with at first. This is because you want them to have a good impression of you PLUS you want the woman you like to feel like she has to try and compete for YOUR attention. This is very effective and it can help to «kill 2 birds with 1 stone,» in that you get to make a good impression on her friends and you also get her to feel like she WANTS your attention. Not bad at all.
When you know how to approach women confidently it does not matter if she is with friends or by herself…

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