Having The Right Attitude

Having the correct attitude is usually what separates men who try and successfully seduce women but quickly give up, from the guys out there that try, persevere and succeed – time and time again – at hooking up with really attractive girls with fun personalities.
Before I lay out the basic rules, it’s important you understand what kind of attitude we’re talking about. Boiled right down, your attitude is your outlook on yourself, other people (both the women you seek and the men that make up the competition) and the situations you find yourself in. So, attitude – in the sense we’re focussing on – isn’t how you act or behave, it is how you think and understand.

1. Proper Perspective. The first thing to realise and always bear in mind is that having the right kind of outlook on the ‘game’ of seduction, and your overall success with women, is really important and directly relates to how successful you will ultimately be with the ladies. So, always try to avoid the goal of being a master seducer from
becoming your main, unchanging focus. Because men whose lives revolve around studying, practising and obsessing over the game of seduction usually tend to lose out not too far down the road. Instead, keep a relaxed attitude towards the whole thing.
Make improving your ability with women just another one of your hobbies. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try hard to practice and perform pick-up techniques, though, just that doing so should never take over your life and subsequently destroy your chances of being successful.
So, stay focussed but at the same time relaxed and calm about improving your overall ability with women. Doing so, as you’ll soon discover, actually tends to help your chances and boost your abilities – because there’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a guy who does things effortlessly.

2. Playing the numbers game. Just for a minute, imagine yourself as a brand, a product, as a commodity. If you don’t properly expose yourself and what you have to offer to your target market (which is women), you can never, ever expect to be have success with them. As such, you HAVE to play the numbers game. To guys just starting
out, this can seem a little daunting, but as they, and we all, come to realise, it’s a vital part of the process. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple set of principles.
A. Even when you have the advantage of knowing advanced seduction techniques (which we’ll look at soon), you still have to actually use them to be successful. Makes basic sense when you put it like that, but you wouldn’t believe how many men learn the science behind effortless seduction but never make the effort to go out there and
actually do it. They assume that women will flock to them like moths to a flame, but they don’t and won’t. So, play the game and make a conscious and consistent effort to go out there and use what you’ve learnt and are yet to learn. Put it into practice by setting aside certain hours of certain days/evenings as specific times when you’ll have a go at building rapport and attraction with at least five different women. If five’s too many at first, do one, then three, then five.
B. The kind of practice described above is most useful when analyzed afterwards. You don’t need to draw graphs or do advanced calculations to know what went down well and what didn’t, or to see where and what you need to practice more and the things you already do well. So, after each night – whether you were successful or not – think about what happened and mentally note what you need to improve on and also pat yourself on the back for the things you did well. Most guys don’t have the balls to try the things you do, which is why the super-low level of success most guys have with women really comes as no surprise.

3. Staying Positive. Lastly and maybe most importantly, always try to stay upbeat and positive. Doing so not only helps keep you motivated (which is how any kind of success tends to come about) but also rubs off on the girls you meet. Your positivity and carefree attitude is picked up on and therefore helps boost your value in their mind and create an attraction for you in their subconscious.

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