Great Lighting for Your Wedding

You may think that for your wedding day, all that you would need is the right gown, the right bouquet and of course, the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with but then again, you might feel bad the moment that you see your pictures because the lighting is just not good enough. You have to remember that in order to take great photos, the natural light must also be evident. You will be surprised with how much great lighting can change your photographs.

Of course, if some of the pictures would have to be taken indoors, it will be great if the place from where the pictures would be taken will have lighting Singapore balestier. Adequate lighting can improve everything even your appearance and your guests will look different due to the light.

Lighting in the morning and afternoon may be different with the type of lighting commonly used in the evening. You do not have to pay too much attention to lights (aside from photographs) when your wedding will be done in daytime but if you are going to do it at night, you can think of many ways to make your lighting so much interesting than usual. Want to know the various ways on how you can be creative with the lights that you are going to use? Here are some tips:

Have some candles float on water.
You can choose to have some big bowls of water that you can place as the centerpiece of each table for the reception. Instead of letting the overhead lighting of the place dictate how the venue would look like, choose to place some floating candles on the bowls. It can change the appearance of the venue dramatically.
Place lighting on the small shrubs or trees.
This would depend on the venue that you are going to use for your wedding but if it is going to be outdoors and there are some shrubs and trees in the area, adequately lighting those up with small lights can change the whole appearance of the place. It will provide just enough light for people to appreciate the place where your wedding reception is taking place. Get to know more about lighting here: [embedded content]
Incorporate indoor lighting with outdoor elements (and vice versa)

It does not mean that just because you are indoors, you cannot make use of flowers, twigs and shrubs in order to add a great design to your venue and when you are outdoors, you may choose to place chandeliers on top of the wooden beams. You may be surprised with how opposites can complement each other well.
Remember to make the right choices when it comes to the lighting for your wedding. Surely, this will add to the natural beauty of your wedding as a whole.

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