Do Women Read Profiles?

Learn To Approach Question: I always thought that women who use online dating always read profiles and make their judgments on what they read not by your profile photo.

After using online dating for the last three months and having no success I don’t believe this to be true. What do you think here is the link to my profile (link withheld) what can I do to make my profile more attractive to women. Barry New York
My Thoughts: Barry, to me it sounds like you’re very frustrated with online dating, believe me when I say you are not alone. Online dating for guys probably the hardest way to meet women as the competition on these sites is enormous, some sites run at 50 guys to every one woman. Now if you were in a bar and there was one woman and 50 guys you would very quickly leave.
You are sort of right in believing that women will actually read profiles instead of making a judgment on your picture, but in saying that if what she reads is good but the profile picture is bad chances are she won’t contact you. Imagine you read a woman’s profile who want payback sounded perfect but when you saw a picture of her she was very unattractive to you.
I had a quick look at your profile since I am very time poor I didn’t read the whole thing, but just a quick tip you need to get rid of about 85% of it is way too long. As for your profile picture it’s okay but I’m sure you have a better picture of yourself not holding a beer can in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
Online dating by should say being successful at online dating is a skill some guys learn the skill over time and some guys never get it. The sad thing is for the guys who don’t get it they end up spending a fortune but get absolutely no results. I would advise you to start going out a little bit more and learn the skill set of approaching women and not focus so much on online dating.

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