Do Women Only Like Guys With

Pack A very common reason guys will use not to approach a girl is that they don’t have 6 pack abs or they are not tall dark and handsome, so if they do approach a girl she will only reject him. Now this is just another excuse that guys will use not to approach a girl, in fact your body size or shape has very little to do with your success with women.

A great friend of mine is kind of short, bald, carrying a little more weight than he should and due to an accident he had as a child has a limp. Now for most guys one of these things would be enough to stop them approaching women, he on the other hand, women love him.
His gift when it comes to women is that he is funny, for example he will say crazy things like “I just had to limp over her and say…..” or “Are you one of those girls who likes short, bald, fat guys with a limp or you one of those girls who likes tall dark handsome men” It’s much funnier when you see it happen. By the end of the night my friend will always walk out with 2 or 3 phone numbers while the so called good looking guys will walk out with excuses on why they didn’t even approach a girl.
The fact is you can be that tall, dark and handsome guy but if you can’t make women laugh or you don’t understand how to approach and attract women you will never have great success with women.
Have you ever seen a beautiful girl walking down the street hand in hand with a not so good looking guy and wondered how did this happen? Well let me tell you how it happened men fall in love with their eyes while women fall in love with their ears.
The I am not good looking enough line is just limited thinking on your part, it’s this kind of thinking that will have you sitting there with your drink in hand, not talking to a single person all night.
Now all this being said I will not deny that if you go to the gym and you are in good physical condition this will increase your chances with women but not for the reasons you think. A big turn on for women is a guy who can look after himself why, because if he can look after himself he can look after her as well.

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