Do Women Like Being Approached?

Have you ever wondered do women actually like it when guys approach them?

A lot of guys believe that women don’t like being approached when they are out with their friends, normally the guys who say this are the guys who really have no idea how to approach a women correctly so when they do she normally shoots him down, so after so much rejection instead of saying may be I am doing something wrong he will come to the conclusion that women just don’t like being approached. It’s not that women don’t like being approached they just don’t like being approached by a loser.
It’s no secret that attractive girls are approached all the time, whether there are at work, grabbing a coffee with friends or in a bar or club. After so many years of guys approaching them they become very good at ending a conversation very quickly especially when guys are making the same mistakes over and over again.
Every complement you are going to give her she has heard a million times before, even the one that you thought no guy has said to her before she has heard. This is the biggest mistake guys make when approaching an attractive woman, they open with a compliment. Has somebody ever paid you a compliment that you knew the only reason they were saying it was to get something from you? Well attractive women feel the same way when a guy they don’t even know walks up to her and tells her how beautiful she is.

I always use take away compliments when I am talking to girls. So what is a take away compliment? This is when you pay her a compliment but then take it away for example “Cool shoes they are nearly as cool as mine” done in a fun way of course. So what is going on here? When you say cool shoes she instantly think that you are the same as ever other guy, when you follow up with the “nearly cool as mine” she will always laugh and come back with a “mine are much cooler” now you have a fun conversation started.

Personally I would never open a conversation with a woman with a compliment, there is no need in fact if you do open a conversation with a woman with a compliment even a sincere one it will work against you, the first thing she will think is this guy is like all the other guys out there.
Don’t make the same mistakes other guys make, successfully approaching women comes from your inner game first, most guys don’t think they deserve a beautiful women in their life. What about you do you think you deserve a beautiful girl in your life? If not I would highly recommend doing some one on one coaching.
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