Can Free Dating Sites Help You Find Companionship?

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve seen the absolute explosion of dating sites in the last few years. From sites that cater to specific ethnic groups, sites that cater to specific fetishes, friendship sites, penpal sites and even sites that are specifically for the wealthy and very beautiful, there seems to be no end to what you can find. But have you taken a look at free dating sites?

You might be thinking that free dating sites are not worth your time. But not everything that is free is junk and not everything that costs is good. But can these sites really help you find companionship online?

If you’ve got a clear understanding of yourself and what you are looking for, that is a big first step. You need to know what you want before you go searching. Another thing you need to figure out as well is how much time you’ll spend on comparing the sites that you find. This is important as there is not right or wrong answer for what site you should apply to. One of the main things to compare is the size of the membership. If you’ve got a site that is very pretty but has low membership compared to a site that is less eye appealing but has a large membership, the one with the large member base is the one you should join. For the most part unless a site has just started up, most free dating sites have a fairly large member base.


The reason boils down to the amount of choice you have and the amount of people you can communicate with at one time. This gives you much more opportunity to talk to a wide variety of members, and strike up friendships.

This is one area where free dating sites do not want to be limited.

Something else to consider is that on free dating sites, you will often find people that are just being themselves and don’t try to go all out and impress as on some of the other larger for pay sites. This is important as well, as I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to meet someone after seeing and chatting with them online, only to find that the picture in no way represents the real thing.

Ultimately, free dating sites can help you find companionship because unlike a site you pay for, you never feel pushed to “get the most out of your membership.” And this will come through in your profile and the way you communicate with other members. You can reveal yourself as quickly or slowly as you see fit. It is more relaxed as well. Free dating sites may not have all the features of the higher priced sites, but when your talking about getting to know people, sometimes simpler is better.

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