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Rene “Negligee” Necklace


The popular TV show “Downton Abbey” has brought renewed interest in Edwardian style jewelry, especially the subtly flirty “negligee” necklace. Negligee necklaces, which were all the rage in Edwardian times, have returned again and again to the fashions of the day. This includes today. Here is a touch of “Downton Abbey” romantic elegance. The sterling silver chain is enhanced by Swarovski crystals, and it ends in the tradition neglegee style of two uneven dangles. The beads are sweet lavender amethyst gemstones, and the two pedants have tiny olivine Swarovski crystals as that perfect touch. This necklace goes well with a low neckline. The Rene Negligee Necklace matches the Rene Bracelet and Earrings.


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