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Emma “Negligee” Necklace


Oh, those Edwardian days! Because of TV series such as “Downton Abbey”, Edwardian style jewelry is very popular. Some types of Edwardian jewelry have always remained in style — one of these is the “negligee” necklace such as the Emma Necklace. This necklace features purple Swarovski crystals and Czech pressed glass beads in the negligee style of two uneven chain ends held together by a center and featuring a little pendant on each end. The chain is antiqued sterling silver, and the closure is also sterling silver. As you can see by the picture, the Emma Necklace is very long: the necklace itself is 25″ long, and the longer of the two pendents measures 5″. It is certain to give you that perfect look of Edwardian elegance brought into the 21st Century.


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