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Just for Fun

Keyrings and pulls make great little gifts for yourself or for that special friend. As with our jewelry, and because of the nature of natural gemstones, most of ours are one of a kind.

We feature two types of keyring: one has a steel ring and is quite affordable. For a chic and very special gift, consider the sterling keyrings. They are large enough to hold a few keys but small enough to attach to a handbag or other item. Let’s talk elegance!

Do you sew? Quilt? Scrapbook? Put one of our “marks” on your scissors! Not only does it look impressive, the scissors will never get lost! (I lost my favorite scissors at a scrap, that would never have happened if I’d had a pull on them!)

A “mark” makes a lovely zipper pull for that special handbag, a great bookmark, appointment book place marker, or adornment for a tote, back pack or case. You are limited only by your imagination!

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