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Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine — Swarovski!

I don’t know who coined the phrase “the thrifty girl’s diamonds”, but it suits Swarovski perfectly!

Swarovski crystal jewelry was once the height of “evening bling”….only for special occasions or dressy events. But lately, this wonderful crystal has been worked into even the most basic piece of everyday jewelry. From formal and chic to casual and sporty…Swarovski crystal is always “en vogue.” Some Swarovski crystals have a special coating (actually containing gold) called AB, or Aurora Borealis. One of the best features of the AB Swarovski crystal is that it picks up the colors around it. Wear a blue outfit, for example, and your bracelet or necklace will add blue to its shimmer. A red ensemble, and your jewelry shines red. It’s the universal gem!

Cantaloupe and Alexandrite Swarovski Crystals not only pick up the colors around them, but also change depending on the light. Alexandrite goes from light blue in fluorescent and natural light to violet in incandescent lights. Cantaloupe goes from a smoky gray in natural light to green in fluorescent light, to peach when held under incandescent light. One of my customers recently purchased a cantaloupe necklace from me. She walked with through a building and was amazed at the way the crystals changed from room to room.

The most notable feature of ALL Swarovski crystal is its exceptional brilliance. It emulates the radiance of precious gemstones with clarity and beauty.. Check out our wonderful New Classics Jewelry collection of pieces featuring Swarovski crystal…just in time for the holiday season! But be careful…you’ll find it hard to buy just one!

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