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When we lived in Ireland, it was thrilling to me to often see double rainbows. How beautiful! According to Genesis, the rainbow was God’s sign to Noah that He would never again destroy the world by flood. The rainbow has been used by man to represent so many ideas from beauty to hope to social issues. But not all rainbows are in the sky. There are rainbows all about us! Study the myriad colors found in a flower. Or fields of shades of gold and green. How about fall trees? My goodness, what colors! Have you ever looked through a light spectroscope? Now, here is something amazing: even rocks contain rainbows! Consider gemstones — isn’t it remarkable that a rock can have so many colors? As they are sliced and polished the rainbows emerge.

My first gem show started an instant love affair with gemstones, a love affair that keeps growing with the discovery of more and more types of these amazing wonders of nature. Almost every shade of nature is found in gemstones of one kind or another. They may be translucent or solid, dark or bright, pastel or vivid. Add pearls and you have a range of creamy colors.

Gemstones are indeed God’s rainbows, found in the ground or water rather than in the sky. How glorious and exciting to discover these wonders of nature!

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