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Why do you buy jewelry gifts?

What special occasions prompt you to consider jewelry-gifts? Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, graduation and Mother’s Day are what first come to mind. Of course a thank you gift is always in order. There are also events to be remembered like religious celebrations (for example Confirmation, First Communion, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.) A prom warrants the purchase of jewelry, as do such events as a wedding , Quinceanera, or a Sweet Sixteen party.

Hey, how about a teenager who has just gotten her first driver’s license or her first car? Is your best friend going on an exciting vacation? Send her off with a distinctive piece of jewelry! Is your friend moving away? That special bracelet you give her will keep you in her mind! How about someone who just got her first apartment? A promotion at work? An honor? A new baby, or an adoption? These are events to celebrate!

And how about a first clear cancer test?

Sometimes things happen in a person’s life that are difficult to deal with. A meaningful piece of jewelry can help someone on a particularly rough road. At New Classics Jewelry we have a range of awareness bracelets to honor or remember them, and we offer Angel Awareness bracelets for just about any cause.

Sometimes you just want to tell someone she is special. What better way than with a piece of New Classics Jewelry? One of the most meaningful gifts I received is one that a friend gave me because she knew I was having a hard day.

Whatever the occasion we’ll be glad to help. If we don’t have what you need just contact us, and we’ll work together with you to create something remarkable!

How many jewelry gift occasions can YOU think of?

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